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Gelato and Gourmet Frozen Desserts: A Professional Learning Guide

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This textbook is the continuation of the journey started with Luciano's Gelato... and More. It offers a large number of classical and modern recipes to manufacture gourmet Gelato, Sorbet, Sherbet, Ice Cream, Water Ice and Frozen Custard.

The mission of this work is to introduce and to direct with a very practical yet professional approach all those who would like to open a frozen dessert business or the frozen dessert professionals who are looking for good ideas to offer their customers.

The recipes are completed by useful garnish tips that refer to the comprehensive garnish recipe chapter.

Through a very easy-to-read recipe layout, with dosage expressed both in Metric and in US Standard System, the operator is taken from the ingredient list to the mixing directions all the way to the manufacturing tips so to make sure he gets all the necessary information to create the most outstanding and authentic frozen dessert concoctions.

All recipes have been individually tested to guarantee the result and are formulated according to the most user-friendly technical methods.